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@30SecondMom of the Week: @RealMomsLuv2Eat On Delicious Ways to Stay #Healthy! by Elisa Schmitz

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@30SecondMom of the Week: @RealMomsLuv2Eat On Delicious Ways to Stay #Healthy!

If you love to eat as much as we do, you’re in for a treat! While summer months make healthy eating easier with fresh greens and vegetables, we still love our snacks and desserts. We’re fortunate that Beth Aldrich of Real Moms Love To Eat is our resident expert on how to take a calorie-loaded food and magically transform it into something healthy! She works her magic as a Certified Health Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Trainer, and she shares her love of all things food in her award-winning book Real Moms Love To Eat. Those who follow Beth on Twitter and learn from her 30Second Mom tips are treated to a plethora of ways to be healthy AND enjoy food! Find out how she eats dessert and still manages to look so fabulous!

Beth Aldrich

Q: Did you make a New Year’s resolution about food/health?

A: I love sweets and I wasn’t about to give them up, so I gave one of my favorites a makeover. Add more greens to your daily intake, and naturally trim down, just cut back on processed carbs. To help me stick to my healthy eating resolution, I decided to learn a new way of un-cooking.

Q: Do you eat enough vegetables, including greens? I would love ideas on how to get more into my diet!

A: Try finding clever ways to include greens into your day. Get your salad dressed for success with these one minute recipes. By using a healthier “butter” substitute you get the same taste with less fat. I use Earth’s Balance spread to top steamed veggies. I LOVE soups. They’re an easy way to get a chock full of nutrition in one bowl! This soup will warm you up, rev you up and cut cravings.

Q: Is it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle with support or as a group?

A: Support is key. Instead of going to lunch with a friend, go on a walking lunch date, instead. Sip on green smoothies and shake a leg. Family dinners out can be healthy, too. Opt for salad first and lean protein and smaller portions, even for kids.

Q: Does eating healthy mean you can’t have dessert?

A: Eating healthy means you can eat dessert sometimes; just opt for healthy versions. Never look at brownies the same way again when you try this recipe! Fudge never looked so good or was so good for you. How about a healthy take on an old favorite? Oreo cookies can be healthier, with this recipe.

Q: You say having a “love affair” with food and looking FABULOUS is easy; tell us how!

A: It’s easy to conduct a love affair with food. I show you how in my book, Real Moms Love to Eat. Don’t diet, just eat more greens, beans, fruit and nuts, and drink water. It WORKS!

For more great info and tons of amazing recipes, make sure to visit Beth’s website and Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter!

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Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT
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