Laugh For Your Health: An Important Lesson Learned From Losing My Laughter by Noreen Braman

Laugh For Your Health: An Important Lesson Learned From Losing My Laughter

I have an old book called Laugh With Health that we often used when my kids were in school and needed information on nutrition. It seemed an oddly titled book, nothing funny about it. Not until, years later, when I studied laughter and the important role it plays in our health.

I’ve felt the release of endorphins that comes with laughing, experienced the relaxing effects as laughter works both sides of my brain at the same time and pushes stress and anxiety to the side. Yes, laughter for the health of it.

Soon, the connection between laughter and health became even more personal and experiential. I spent a period of time on a health journey that robbed me of my laughter. At first I thought I was just moving along, the same person I had always been. It wasn’t until my symptoms started to get better did I realize that I had not exactly been “myself.” It was a relief when others began saying, “We love to hear you laugh again.”

Now, I pay attention to how I feel when laughing, whether it is in conversation with friends, watching a funny movie or comedian, or doing a laughter yoga exercise. I stop to notice how diminished my fibromyalgia pain is. I breathe deep and revel in the absence of anxiety. I feel more like “me.” Now I know, on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level, what it is to “laugh with health.”

Moving forward, my goal is to consciously keep laughter present in my life, whether it is a full belly laughter or an amused smile. And, the first step is to not expect laughter or health to just fall on me from the universe, I must actively pursue it.

What can you do in your life to laugh with health?

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Julie Rose
How wonderful. ❤️This
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for sharing your experience, Noreen Braman . It's so good to know that laughter can actually relieve pain and I know it can relieve stress. We all need to take a cue from kids and laugh more! :-D
Noreen Braman
Thank you! Yes, and I think my next tip will be about exactly how laughter does that!
Laughing always makes me feel better 😂
Amy Meadows
Couldn’t agree more about the health benefits of laughter—more oxygen in the bloodstream, disrupting stress and anxiety as well as a chance to be kind to ourselves through humor—even when we’re laughing at ourselves, it’s a show of grace and acceptance that is often absent.
Soberlink Reviews
I agree. Laughing is very important!
Andrea Zanon
I could not agree more...laughing even artificially sends positive messages to your brain and builds that path to happiness and stress resilience

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