Mindful Tips for Health & Wellness: ​3 Mindfulness Practices to Keep Your Health on Track by Julie Potiker

Mindful Tips for Health & Wellness: ​3 Mindfulness Practices to Keep Your Health on Track

Meeting our own expectations for health and wellness can feel overwhelming at times. And it can be challenging to move our goals forward when we’re having an off day (or off month!). 

Here are some easy mindfulness tips you can use to get yourself back on track gently and effectively:

  • Move mindfully: Whether you’re working out or taking a leisurely walk, practice mindfulness while you move. I’m lucky enough to live in San Diego, California, where I frequently have a walking meditation on the beach. I love to open all my senses to feel the air on my skin – to hear the birds, the surf and the people, and to see the colors, shapes and sights of the scene. I like to feel my body walking, concentrating on different parts of my feet, legs and arms, and then switching back to all my senses to take everything into my awareness.
  • Eat and drink mindfully: Mindful eating is another helpful meditation. I love it when I remember to eat mindfully. The food tastes unbelievable and I find I eat much more slowly. When my friend, Monica, served the most incredible fresh berries, she agreed when I said, “It’s like a crazy party in your mouth.” Drinking your morning coffee or tea can be another great mindfulness activity. If you are feeling the warmth of the mug in your hands, inhaling the aroma, and paying attention to how it tastes when you take your first sip, that is mindfulness in practice. You might want to drink the entire cup like that, savoring each swallow.
  • Practice mindful self-compassion: The path to your health goals isn’t a straight line. It has hills and valleys, and there are times when you may feel frustrated about being off track from your own expectations. This is when it’s great to practice mindful self-compassion. Try saying something to yourself along these lines: “Oh, it’s tough to feel this way. I’ve got your back. You are going to be OK.” Or, “I feel you. It’s tough to feel this way, but you are smart and resilient and worthy of ... (love, knowing your own worth, etc.).”

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I just love this thoughtful approach to life. 💗
Julie Rose
Meditation on the beach, yea! 🌞
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for all of your inspiring ideas, Julie Potiker . I love this!
Working on better self compassion. Giving myself and others more grace. 🙏
Michael Kennedy
I attempt to keep chipping away at all of the above, thanks for the concise reminders.
Esperanza Sevillano
I love mindfulness and more and more of my patients are practicing it. Health comes first.

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