Moving Into the New Year: 5 Ways to Make Healthy Resolutions That Stick by Erica Hornthal

3 years ago

Moving Into the New Year: 5 Ways to Make Healthy Resolutions That Stick

This time of year is when we look to make changes. We want to be better than we were in the previous year, but change is often quick and short lived. I notice also that we rush into change and shock our systems, which is never a good way to make change permanent. Here are five ways you can make lasting changes in 2021:

  • Be realistic. Want to lose weight? Start with a small realistic goal that you can meet. That way you have not only achieved your goal, but you are motivated to keep going.
  • Move to improve. Feeling stuck or in a rut? Get your body moving to get your mind moving. Go for a walk, stretch, breathe throughout the day to get your blood and creative juices flowing.
  • Start in the body. Find new ways of moving to increase your emotional and mental capacity.
  • Don't shame or blame. Fall off the wagon? Try replacing negative self-talk with a positive intention to reset your resolution clock.
  • Take responsibility. No one else can make the changes for you. Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to remain the same.

Start with these and you are off to a stellar 2021! 

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent suggestions, Erica Hornthal . I agree that we do shock our systems, and that doesn't set them up for success. I love your approach. Moving more is a simple and attainable goal. Doing it!
Great way to think about it. 🙏🏼

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