New Year's Resolutions for Health & Wellness: Why It Has to Be an All-Year Commitment by Dawn Taylor

2 years ago

New Year's Resolutions for Health & Wellness: Why It Has to Be an All-Year Commitment

As a personal trainer, I am about to see a jump in business. New Year's resolutions spur people into action to get healthy ... for about a month. For most people, the magical resolution is what they think will help them commit to getting fit. While I'm always happy when people have this goal, I have too often seen the frustration when they realize that it is going to take time to reach their goals. 

At any time of year, I explain that their goals will be met over time, with small changes, but they have to be consistent and have a change in lifestyle. Dieting and excessive exercise will only get them so far, and even then the progress made will be impossible to maintain. 

With that being said, I am happy to take clients this time of year, but my methods will remain the same. I will not promote quick fixes, nor will I give workouts that will make my clients so sore that they won't want to come back. They will:

  • Learn how to do many exercises.
  • Learn what target heart rate means and why it is so important to their goals. 

Most importantly, I'll show them that weight loss and being fit is a lifetime commitment that must become habit.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Dawn Taylor . It's so important to remind people that there are no simple solutions and that what it comes down to is lifestyle change for the long term. Many thanks for the reality check, especially needed at this time of year. Happy New Year and thank you for all you share with us!
Dawn Taylor
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds it isn't made easier by the deluge of ads this time of year to 'lose 30 lbs in one month' 'drink this and lose belly fat' etc etc etc . I wish there was more to regulate those claims, but when people come to me, I am always honest and together we set realistic and healthy goals. Happy New Year to you and thank you for the platform.

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