The Secret to Fitness & Weight Loss Success: How Do You Know What Really Works? by Charlene Torkelson

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5 years ago

The Secret to Fitness & Weight Loss Success: How Do You Know What Really Works?

I wonder what the key to fitness and weight loss really is. Should I cut out certain foods? Add others? Is it the time of day I eat? How about my exercise time? There are so many questions. What really works?

Each person has found a system that works better for them that is different than the plan someone else finds effective. Also, each have options that do not work! So, what is the solution?

I try to map something new to determine if it is indeed a thumbs-up or not. I recently tried the two-week lemon water diet. While I actually enjoy lemons, I could only make it one week before I had to take a break. I’m still undecided on that one. But the one element I recognized recently in my fitness routine that really helped was energy. The more energy I put into my exercises, the more success I had.

Although limping and dragging through my daily routine doesn’t hurt (I still get the benefits from exercise), I seem to get better results when I pump a little energy into my workout. And it seems to give me a better mental boost as well. I just feel better when I put a little more "umpf" into the activity. So, energize and see what happens.

How do you energize? 

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Elisa Schmitz
I definitely see that where I direct more energy, that's where I see results (in work, health, life). Great point, Charlene Torkelson !
Dawn Taylor
The reason is that the extra energy elevates your heart rate and that is part of the “magic” of successful weight loss. I tell all my clients this- find out your target heart rate for exercise and I bet your “extra energy” zone is one and the same 🙂

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