Ladies, Being Physically Fit May Lower Your Dementia Risk By 90 Percent! by Mei Marcie

Ladies, Being Physically Fit May Lower Your Dementia Risk By 90 Percent!

If you want to reduce your risk of dementia, ladies, you may want to jump on the fitness train. In a study conducted in Sweden and published in the journal Neurology, researchers set out to investigate whether greater cardiovascular fitness in midlife was associated with a decreased dementia risk in women. The findings were very strong – and in favor of being fit at middle age!

Of the 191 women, only 5 percent who were able to bike the hardest over six minutes developed dementia, compared to 25 percent with medium fitness and 45 percent who could not complete the cycling test. Even for the low percentage of high-fitness women who developed dementia, the onset of dementia was at 90 years old, 11 years after those who were moderately fit. As a comparison, women who were highly fit compared to those who were moderately fit decreased their risk of dementia by 88 percent.

While the causation is not clear, the link between exercise and brain and cardiovascular health is well established. As life expectancy increases, it is important to have a healthy body and mind to enjoy the time we have with families during our golden years!

Read more about the dementia and fitness study via USA Today.

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This is great news. Thank you for sharing, Mei Marcie !

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