French Press Coffee: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee by Jo Khalifa

7 years ago

French Press Coffee: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The most flavorful way I enjoy a great cup of coffee is brewed in a French press. A French press is a coffee steeping vessel where coffee grounds and water are added together to steep and then plunged down with a mesh filter that's stretched to the lid. The grounds are held at the bottom while you pour yourself a cup. Follow these steps for the perfect cup of French press coffee:

  • Start with the best quality/grade of coffee.
  • Grind the coffee course – like course sea salt.
  • Use 2 level tablespoons of grounds per 6 to 8 ounces of water. This is Gold Cup Standard.
  • Pour hot water, 196 to 200 degrees F (not boiling), over grounds.
  • Steep for three minutes.
  • Press.

Pour and enjoy!

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Chef Gigi
Love this - especially how important it is to have the exact temp on the water - great advice thank you !!!!! I'm gonna start pulling out my temp gauge . ( for once ) I can't make coffee to save myself. Appreciate the tip.
Donna John
Think these will be on my holiday shopping list this year. Great gift idea! Thanks for the tips, Jo Khalifa!
Francielle Daly
AH!!! this is how you use this! I received one for our wedding. Tried it a couple times and I just did not enjoy it... It was all in then temp of water, got it!! Thanks for the tip!
Meredith Schneider
French Press is the best!
Dieter Schmitz
French press is the best Sunday morning coffee there is!

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