Optimizing Shipping Time

What's the best time to send my newsletter? This is one of the most common questions email marketers ask themselves. The latest version of the Expertsender platform provides users with the function of Send Time Optimization (STO). Thanks to it, your messages will be delivered at the time when a given user is statistically most active.

Optimizing shipping time

What is STO and how does it work?

Our algorithm analyzes user activity and, based on behavioral data, selects the best time to deliver the message. The selection may be dictated by the time of day and / or the day of the week when the user is most active. Information about the optimal sending time is updated after each activity of the subscriber and stored in his profile. Two settings are available: platform clients can send time-optimized messages in 24 hours or 7 days. What does it mean? In the case of the 24-hour mode, shipping to individual recipients will depend on their activity during the day. In the case of the 7-day mode, everyone will receive a message on the day of the week when they are most active, and additionally at the time of their highest statistical activity.

Why is it worth using STO?

Email marketing is becoming an increasingly appreciated sales channel, hence the number of messages reaching users' inboxes is constantly growing. The fight for the attention of the recipient is extremely demanding, as well as the expectations of users, in terms of tailored communication. Delivering messages at individually optimized timeshare has not been as important as it is now and it certainly has its place among the leading trends of 2019.

What do marketers gain more? Certainly, saving your time on A / B tests of shipping date and time and their subsequent analysis. Each subscriber has different characteristics. Depending on the social group or profession, their time of activity during the day naturally varies. Delivering a message while the recipient is viewing the messages in their inbox gives a significant advantage in gaining conversion or interest. Initial tests confirm an increase in engagement (increase in openings, clicks and conversions) from 20% to 50% for campaigns with STO enabled compared to shipping with time optimization disabled.

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