Star Wars D-0 Rolling Droid: A Dad's Thoughts on a New Toy He Discovered at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (CHITAG) by Mike Prochaska

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4 years ago

Star Wars D-0 Rolling Droid: A Dad's Thoughts on a New Toy He Discovered at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (CHITAG)

Yesterday, my son and I opened our new Star Wars D-0 Rolling Droid toy by Hasbro. We could not wait for Christmas because the new Star Wars movie, Rise of Skywalker, opens in theaters on December 20, 2019. My son and I were very excited to play with it!

Setting the toy up was so easy, which, as a parent, I loved. Just take the toy out of the box, download the app to control it by Bluetooth from your phone or iPod, and you're all set. (My 7-year-old showed me how to get the app. It's crazy how fast kids pick up on technology!) And here's another thing that all parents are going to love: no batteries required! Just plug the toy into the wall outlet to charge. I don't know about you, but we never seem to have the right size batteries when we open a new toy at my house.

We quickly figured out how to get the D-O droid toy to roll forward and backward, do 360-degree spins, chase after the ball it comes with and make droid sounds. My kids really enjoyed trying to guess what the little guy was saying. There's also several games you can play with the toy that we're excited to try out. What a fun way for boys and girls to join in the action and adventure of the Star Wars saga.

Big thanks to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (CHITAG) for introducing my family to this awesome new toy.

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Donna John
Love Star Wars! May have to order this for my grandson for Christmas. I still have time! Mike Prochaska
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, this sounds SO fun! Christmas came early in your house, Mike Prochaska . Lucky kids and lucky you! Mary Couzin Chicago Toy & Game Week

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