What Is Strength? A Dad's Thoughts on Strength As a Parent & As a Father by King Solo' Minds

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10 months ago

What Is Strength? A Dad's Thoughts on Strength As a Parent & As a Father

What is strength to you? Is it how much you can lift? How much you can carry or flex? Is strength a mental state that you use to push on through with things in the world?

Whatever you have or use strength for, use it with ease, use it with wisdom, use it with knowledge of helping.

The strength of parenting is something only parents will understand: the power to carry on. As a parent, no matter how young or old, we always get the judgment. For example: "How can they be 18 and have a child?" "How can they be 45 and have a child?"

People love to comment and criticize others for whatever reason. Would the world function without criticism? 

Back to strength of parenting. It's hard parenting when it's two – mother and father, father and father or mother and mother – let alone single parenting. But that inner strength of waking up every morning to see that little smile, the pearly white teeth of your child or children, is what keeps me motivated.

We all get horrible days, the mental blocks and the mental struggles. We all get the physical struggles of muscles hurting and the need to have a "bed day." Parents, I salute you and the strength we all have to provide and protect the children that we have in our care.

People will always judge and say this and that because they believe they have a right due to freedom of speech. But remember it's all white noise. Most people judge or criticize because they want what you have.

As it approaches Father's Day, I want to shout out all the fathers putting in the work for their children and supporting the mother of their children. We are slightly the unsung heroes, as we do get criticized the most (well, that's what I believe in the U.K., most definitely).

I'm proud to be a father. I'm proud to do a nappy change, getting high in the air and low on the floor to build that rapport as a father.

When you're down and out and need that strength, look at a photo of your child. Look at a video of them. That's what strength is. Being a parent.

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This is so awesome. 💗
King Solo' Minds
Tribe thank you for the comment, greatly appreciated
Elisa Schmitz
Parenting is not for the feint of heart, King Solo' Minds ! You are so right, thanks for sharing this!
So well said. Dads are really important!

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