CBD in Skin-Care Products: 3 Companies Utilizing Cannabidiol in Their Beauty Products by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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4 years ago

CBD in Skin-Care Products: 3 Companies Utilizing Cannabidiol in Their Beauty Products

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant that’s widely touted for its anti-inflammatory properties. For some it’s even an effective topical remedy for various types of pain. And while cannabidiol research is inconclusive – and ongoing – about the true effectiveness on humans, CBD has also become incredibly popular ingredient in the skin-care industry.

Bear Necessities Co.

San Diego-based Bear Necessities Co. is a CBD lifestyle brand that harnesses the benefits of CBD oil in numerous products including a skin-care collection that’s getting a lot of buzz. One of the bestselling products is the revitalizing moisturizer that contains 150 mg of CBD with added coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe, avocado oil, vitamin E, rosemary, neem, meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower seed oil and white willow bark that work to keep the skin smooth, radiant and clear.

According to Bear Necessities founder Halee Kalevitch, CBD’s top skin benefits are calming, correcting and soothing. “As the compound comes from a plant, it has incredible antioxidant properties that work to help fight signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin dullness and uneven skin tone,” Kalevitch says. “Also, CBD can help with acne-prone skin by reducing inflammation and excess sebum, as various studies have shown. On top of the CBD benefits, the Bear Necessities Rejuvenating Moisturizer has DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) to double up on the revival of skin tone.”

Photo: Bear Necessities

Kalevitch explains that her inspiration for the line came from the simple desire as a mom to provide natural, healthy skin-care solutions for her family. “Bear Necessities Co is here because as parents we really started to look into the products we were using not only for our babies but for ourselves and we really started to notice all the extra fluff and chemicals in our everyday products, so we wanted to change that,” she says. “Our brand is all about providing high-quality natural products that do not have any extra dyes, perfumes, etc. We are amazing with just the bare ingredients.”

Paula's Choice

Another popular brand harnessing the powers of CBD oil is Paula’s Choice. “Topical application of CBD to human skin shows it improves how skin cells form and move through each layer," says Bryan Barron, director of skincare research for Paula’s Choice. "It also reduces specific markers that are raised when skin is sensitized or its barrier is compromised, such as occurs with eczema. CBD has a distinct anti-inflammatory action on keratinocytes (skin cells) and the cells that make up our skin’s sebum (oil), which is believed to be how it helps control excess oil, acne and generally improve skin health.”

Photo: Paula's Choice

One thing to note is that while the incorporation of CBD into various topical products may in fact be beneficial to the skin, the additional ingredients infused into the products help boost the products’ effectiveness. For example, the first anti-aging skin-care product from Paula’s Choice to contain CBD is the CBD Skin Transformative Treatment Milk, which contains 150 mg of 100 percent pure cannabidiol that’s amplified by replenishing borage and meadowfoam oils, moisturizing triglycerides, plus calming Centella asiatica and other natural soothers to address the underlying causes of aging.


Dermaquest, a luxury skin-care brand at the forefront of plant stem cell technology, launched a full line of CBD skin care and wellness products. Featuring a blend of “the most powerful ingredients and most advanced formulas,” the third-party tested collection includes a healing balm, therapeutic massage cream, pain relief cream, replenishing eye cream, blue light defense moisturizer, blue light defense SPF as well as an a.m. and p.m. tincture (liquid solutions designed to enhance the benefits of CBD oil).

Photo: Dermaquest

In addition to 99.7 percent pure THC-free CBD isolate, the formula also includes Argan plant stem cell, BVOSC and natural botanical oils, which are encapsulated in a patented hydroxysome delivery system that stabilizes the CBD and helps the product penetrate deeper.

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Elisa Schmitz
I'm amazed by how quickly CBD has made its way into the health and beauty industries. So many brands and it's hard to know which ones are better than others, etc. Thank you for shining a light on these, Belinda Lichty Clarke !
Love my CBD skin lotion!
Cannabis Equipment Financing [inactive]
I know, cannabis exploded onto the spa and wellness scene and the beauty business is also seeing a boom in cannabis-derived products. CBD brands to try. I'll admit I was a skeptic when I started using skin care products made with CBD, so I wasn't expecting any miracles .

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