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2 years ago

How to Get Thicker Hair: 5 Tips to Help Make Your Hair Thicker & Fuller

Got fine hair? Thinning hair? Follow these five tips to give your hair the best chance of becoming the thicker locks you've been dreaming of:

  • Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner. Look for formulas that have been scientifically formulated with thickening ingredients like redensifying peptides and salicylic acid to help encourage healthy hair growth and boost your volume.
  • Don’t over wash! Too much shampooing can lead to valuable essential oils and proteins being stripped away, resulting in dry strands that are prone to breakage. One way to target this is to minimize how many times you are cleansing your hair weekly. Try two to three times a week max.
  • Improve your lifestyle. Stress levels and anxiety can be directly linked to an increase in hair shedding. So make sure you’re looking after your body and mind through regular exercise and self-care.
  • Eat well.healthy diet equals healthy hair. Foods that are high in protein, omega 3, fatty acids, iron zinc and biotin are going to be the best for injecting a bit of life and body into your hair. Think salmonsweet potato and spinach.
  • Be gentle. Roughly towel drying hair can be so damaging. Instead, gently wrap it to absorb water and prevent breakage.

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