Dr. Joanne Frederick has been in the field of Counseling for over 25 years as a University Professor and a Counselor in Private Practice. Dr. Frederick specializes in treating people with Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues, Terminal illnesses, and learning disabilities. She works with individuals, couples, groups, adults and children.

She holds a Doctorate Degree in Counseling from the George Washington University in Rehabilitation Counseling, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Baltimore and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morgan State University.
She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the District of Columbia. A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland, and a National Certified Counselor.
Dr. Frederick is the author of the book Copeology. Is it an anthology available on Amazon that covers how to deal with grief and loss, being a black man in the world today, disabilities, surviving Covid-19, infidelity, anxiety and fears, trauma, and single parenting.

Dr. Frederick is currently the Executive Director of a Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization named Holistic Opportunities Propelling Everyone. This organization provides counseling, mentorship, and educational workshops within underserved communities.
She has many written and presentation publications concerning mentorship, supervision, and counseling, to name a few. Her most recent work consists of coining the term "Bibliopsychoeducation." This term refers to the infusion of Biblical works and scriptures with psychology as a means of enhancing coping skills. She is a mother of 3 and a Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. In addition, she takes pride in her Caribbean-American Heritage.

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