The Struggle Is Real: My Slow & Painful Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle & Better Eating Habits by Chainedfreespirit

5 years ago

The Struggle Is Real: My Slow & Painful Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle & Better Eating Habits

After a long time (four years!) of inactivity, eating badly (often on-the-go, binge eating), I am starting this not-entirely-new-to-me-but-now-with-lots-of-changes-and-adjustments journey of living a healthier lifestyle and eating healthier in hopes to fit into my old clothes. Why? Because I am too cheap to replace my entire wardrobe again! I have been expanding with the motto, "There should be more of a fabulous person.") Also, I want to have more energy.

Eating all that pasta (mmmm, I love good pasta dinner) and toasts with Nutella finally caught up with me. So now, every time I eat pasta or bread my stomach hurts for about 24 hours afterword, leaving me feeling sluggish. I have not addressed it with my doctor yet, but I have full intention to (I am also a procrastinator). My blood pressure also left my doctor and me unimpressed. While not horrible or dangerous yet, I normally have a lower blood pressure, around 100/70. So, some changes are a must.

Having gained 40 pounds that I no longer can shake off while putting zero effort in last three years and being 10 months postpartum, it is time for changes. I decided to document this journey as a means to keep myself accountable. If no one knows it's easy to slack.

Stay tuned and join me in my journey to health and fitness! 

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Donna John
Welcome to 30Seconds, Marina Smith ! I completely feel what you're going through. I am over 15 pounds up and ... 21 years postpartum. :-) My husband and I just started our journey to get back to how we were a few years ago. He had lost 40+ pounds and I had lost 15 (they're back). If you're looking for support along the way, you have found the right place.
Mei Marcie
Best to you Marina and stay strong in your healthy journey!
Elisa Schmitz
You've made a great decision to focus on your health, Marina Smith ! For me, it has become a change in lifestyle. That's the only way I could do it; to accept the fact that it's a permanent change, not just a temporary phase. So excited to keep up with your progress. Let us know how we can help support you. Welcome to 30Seconds! Looking forward to your updates!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Mike Prochaska Mei Marcie Donna John Wow, I didn't expect such kindness and support! Thank you for all the love, it means a world to me.

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