#30Seconds Live: "Barb" the Breast Express Helps Pumpspotting Bring the Village to You by Jessica Acree

5 years ago

Nurse. Pump. Nourish. Connect. The founder of Pumpspotting is on a mission to connect moms over milk and motherhood through her inspiring and supportive breastfeeding community. 

Amy VanHaren shared her vision of making the journey less isolating with #30Seconds Live at the Chicago Baby Show. "We used to be surrounded by the village and we're not anymore, so it's important for us to find it in-person and through technology," Amy explains. "We're just trying to rethink how we can bring moms together." There's a successful app being utilized to meet that goal, but that's not all.

Amy excitedly reveals her latest project – the 40-foot Breast Express RV lovingly named "Barb." It's a beautiful, mobile pumping station stocked with supplies, lactation consultants and more. The comfy space gives breastfeeding moms a magical place to renew their commitment next to other women on the same emotional journey.

Barb has been on the road since April 2018 and there's no stopping her! As a mother herself, Amy knows there is a lot to learn and a lot to navigate, so they're bringing the village to you. "Even when it's going well, it's a real commitment to your body and time," Amy says.

"It's really special to see the way uniting people can change something especially during the really early days of motherhood when it's important," Amy reflects. It's certainly not easy! She wants other moms to know, whatever the struggle, "It's normal, I've been through it and you're doing an amazing job!"

To follow the #breastexpress journey and connect with the online community, visit PumpSpotting.com.

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Wonderful support for nursing moms
Jessica Acree
I would have LOVED something like this back when I was questioning everything! BF'ing is HARD work & support is EVERYTHING :) Amy and Barb sound like the friends we all need!
Elisa Schmitz
Yes! Breastfeeding is a challenge and this type of support is invaluable. Love Barb’s mission and hope to see it grow to help many more moms! Jessica Acree
Jessica Acree
A woman on a mission! She was wonderful to listen to... I can't wait to follow the Pumpspotting journey and see where it goes next :)

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