Expert Q&A: Pregnant With Twins? Dr. Alan Lindemann Answers Common Pregnancy Questions About Having Twins by Dr. Alan Lindemann

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3 years ago

Expert Q&A: Pregnant With Twins? Dr. Alan Lindemann Answers Common Pregnancy Questions About Having Twins

Being pregnant with twins can mean you may have double the questions. Here are nine common pregnancy questions about twins for moms pregnant with multiple babies.

Q. What are my delivery choices with twins? Is it possible to deliver without surgery? 

In most cases, yes, it is possible to deliver twins without a C-section, and even without an episiotomy.

Q. How common is it to have one twin delivered vaginally and one by C-section? 

To avoid the vaginal/C-section combination delivery, new moms need to know their options and discuss them with their doctor. If your babies are not vertex/vertex (both head down), what is your obstetrician’s comfort level with managing the delivery?

Q. Does giving birth to multiples lead to higher postpartum baby blues, depression or psychosis? 

A multiple pregnancy can have everything a single pregnancy can have and have more of it. So yes, more baby blues, more postpartum depression, and for some, more postpartum psychosis are possible.

Q. Can you share tips for nursing twins? 

Most often, nursing is simultaneous, and each baby gets one breast. The babies can be held like a football under each arm, with the head on the breast and the body and legs to the mother’s sides and back.

Q. Giving birth to one baby carries some risks for mother and child. Are those risks the same when giving birth to twins? 

Giving birth to twins offers more risks for everything. But in my experience, it’s not twice as much risk.

Q. Can I maintain my pre-pregnancy exercise regimen when pregnant with twins? What modifications should I make, if any? 

Maintaining your pre-pregnancy exercise program depends upon what your pre-pregnancy program was. I would avoid running 5 miles daily – or even 1 mile daily. Yoga would be better.

Q. Do I need to eat more when pregnant with twins than I would with a singular pregnancy? 

Although we know the optimum weight gain for singleton pregnancies, less is known about multiples. My experience with twins indicates you should eat about 50 percent more than with single pregnancies, but not twice as much.

Q. What should I do in terms of self-care when pregnant with twins? 

Set your mind at ease by learning more about what it means to carry, birth and raise twins. The more knowledgeable you feel, the more you will be able to advocate for yourself with your care providers, and navigate all the unique realities that having twins will present to you.

Q. What unique aspects of being pregnant with twins should I be aware of in each trimester?

  • First trimester: Nausea, lack of interest in food and risk of miscarriage are all highest during the first trimester.

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Such helpful answers, thanks! 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz
This is so informative, Dr. Alan Lindemann ! I had identical twins and delivered one head first and the other breech. I was grateful not to need a C-section, and that they were born healthy. Thanks for the great insights!

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