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4 years ago

How to Re-purpose TV Stands: Here Are 4 Creative DIY Ways to Use Old TV Tables

Television is one of the most used appliances in every home. According to The Nielsen Company, there are 120.6 million TV homes in the U.S. for the 2019-2020 TV season (a "TV home" has at least one operable television). TV is like a member of a family that caters to everyone. No matter what age group, there is some kind of interesting entertainment program available on television.

The TV has been generally put on some kind of stand or table, and there are many TV stand designs available on the market today. However, new technologies have come up and many televisions also have wall attachments, meaning they can be attached to walls made of various materials.


Many trending TV table designs are available to consumers. TV tables are still used in the traditional style, but the newer tables have varied designs and are multi-purpose, so they can be used in various ways.

Discarded furniture makes up about 5 percent of the total household waste produced every year in the U.S., with an estimated 12 million tons of that being furniture. Instead of adding to those Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) numbers, why not re-purpose and upcycle your old television stand? Here are four ways to use your old TV stand:

  • Use your TV stand as a bookshelf. If you have a wooden TV stand with doors on it, simply remove the front doors and make a shelf inside by using the wood from the doors. That will help you to make space for keeping books, knickknacks, etc. You can install glass doors in place of the wooden doors so the items are visible.
  • Another way to use a wooden TV stand is to give it a new look by decorating with collectibles. Convert the side spaces of the table that are generally unused for shelves. Create a small shelf on the sides of the table and use them to hold small decorative items. Add to the look with some decorative lights.
  • Convert your old television stand into a small bar. Arrange the table by adding some racks and offer different drinks in each section of the table. Use the smaller sections for storing wine and other cocktail glasses. To add some flair, decorate it with sparkly lights.
  • An old TV stand can be used to store items in your kitchen or storeroom. Most kitchens have a lot of gadgets and cookware just stored here and there. Use the television stand as a rack for keeping things organized. This way, your kitchen will be kept in order and the table will also be re-purposed.

Get creative with how you use TV stands and other furniture in your home. Older furniture can be used in multiple ways and serve various purposes. An old TV stand can have new purpose only by applying a little creativity!

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Always try to repurpose furniture before donating it. Rarely throw anything away. Great tip!
Love the idea of upcycling furniture.
Elisa Schmitz
What did we ever do before TV? Everyone I know has multiple TVs in their homes, either on TV stands or on the wall. I like these creative suggestions for how to use TV tables. They do have lots of uses and everyone can personalize the way they set them up. Thanks for the tips!

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