My Ex-Husband Proposed to His Girlfriend Without Telling Me: Why I Always Trust My Sixth Sense and How I'm Processing the Engagement by Jessica Lawrence

5 years ago

My Ex-Husband Proposed to His Girlfriend Without Telling Me: Why I Always Trust My Sixth Sense and How I'm Processing the Engagement

I swear I have a sixth sense. I know something has happened without finding out firsthand. Something directs me to look at someone on social media, or check another's phone when I normally wouldn't.

My intuition has never failed me. I recently discovered that my ex-husband proposed to his girlfriend.

Many people have asked me, "Why do you care?!" or "To be expected; they have a child together!" 

Here is why I do care. This will impact my daughter by being a part of a wedding and all the festivities that come with it (and, of course, her life after that). It impacts me, because my ex-husband didn't think it would be nice to tell me beforehand. It hurts me, because despite our communication being better, he thought so little of me to not share the news directly. 

I am tired of people saying, "Move on" or "Good riddance!" I have moved on. I agree, I am much better off. However, I am allowed to hurt. I'm allowed to process this differently. I'm allowed to realize that the vows we made to each other are easily replaced with someone else.

While I may be easily replaced in his life, his fiance will never replace me in my daughter's life. I am always going to be her mother.

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Elisa Schmitz
Oh, Jessica Lawrence , I am so sorry for your pain. You are an amazingly strong person and I admire your resilience. I have been through a similar situation (finding out from my kids), and it is really difficult. You are so right that you will never be replaced as your daughter's mother. That is a role unique to you, and you are damn amazing at it. Hugs to you! xoxo

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