Those 3 Little Words: How Many Ways Can a Person Say "I Love You?" by Jessica Lawrence

5 years ago

Those 3 Little Words: How Many Ways Can a Person Say "I Love You?"

I'll never forget the first time I told someone (other than my family or best friends) that I loved them. I was 16, and boy I thought I had it all figured out. He was two years my elder, had just graduated high school and I was head over heels in lust. Yes. Lust. Not love.

I've come to realize that saying "I love you" and showing it are interchangeable. I think I must say "I love you" to my daughter at least eight times a day. My love for her is different than the love I've had for people I've been in relationships with. Sometimes I have wanted the man I've been dating to say "I love you" to me repeatedly, just so I have comfort in knowing it's reciprocated. Other times, I've found love is shown. 

  • Love is the contented sigh from the person when their head is in your lap.
  • Love is the way they look when they laugh.
  • Love is shown by late-night ice cream or chocolate deliveries.
  • Love is listening over something which is significant to you (but might not be to them). 

So why do I want to hear the words so much, when I can feel the love anyway?

We all feel and show love in many ways. No matter how, it's just as impactful.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so powerful, Jessica Lawrence . I think the reason why I like (need?) to hear "I love you" is because my parents always told me that before I left the house - whether as a child going to school or as a teen going out, etc. - and before bed. It was clear they wanted those to be the last words I heard before I was away from them. I am the same way today with my husband, kids and other family members. I hope I don't over-say the words (don't want to make them lose their power), but I need to say the words and need them to hear them so I am at peace. Of course, I also want them said to me! :-)
How thoughtful. ❤️

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