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2 years ago

New Parents’ Babyproofing Guide: 6 Baby Safety Accessories to Help Keep Kids Safe & Put First-Time Parents’ Minds at Ease

Becoming a new parent may be one of the most challenging things you'll do in your lifetime. If you're raising your first child, you've probably read every baby book under the sun, performed numerous Google searches and are generally in a constant state of anxiety – mixed with joy, of course.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in kids in the U.S. Children aged 0 to 19 account for more than 12,000 unintentional injuries, and more than 9.2 million are treated in the ER for nonfatal injuries each year. 

Here is a collection of baby-proofing accessories to help protect your child from unwanted accidents:

1. Cabinet Locks

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive. While exploring the world around them should be encouraged, it does come with some risks. Child safety magnetic cabinet locks help to keep cupboards closed when your child is moving around the house.

Photo: Baby-proofing magnetic cabinet locks and latches from EliteBaby.

The great thing about magnetic locks is that they don't require you to drill into your furniture, leaving unsightly holes for years to come. They're easy to install and don't compromise their ability to keep cupboards closed.

2. Corner Protectors

Even as adults, those sharp corners in your home can get you – many of us may know the pain of hitting a hip on an unanticipated furniture corner. For your little one, sharp corners can be a very painful bump or graze on the head. Not only does this cause worry about concussions, but also possible bleeding and potentially a trip to the hospital.

You can get plastic caps that slip onto the corner of just about any surface material you have in your home. They attach securely while not being difficult to remove when the time comes.

3. Finger Protection Wall Guards

This spongy accessory helps prevent the almost inevitable trapping of fingers in doors. These are placed on the edge of the wall where a door closes, which means you may not have to worry as much about your child hurting his or her hands, or an adult doing it accidentally.

4. Electrical Outlet Covers

Speaking of those wandering little fingers, unfortunately some children find the holes of sockets an irresistible place to touch. This is a very serious one because it's not just a boo-boo you'll have to avoid here but potentially something much more serious.

Outlet covers are designed to be placed over outlets when they're not being used, and then can be easily removed when needed. It's best to get one of these for every outlet that is within your child's reach.

5. Stove and Door Knob Covers

Children love twisting and turning things. As your child gets tall enough to reach stove and door knobs, the worry increases. However, stove knob covers are easy for adults to use and difficult for most children to figure out, helping to prevent burning hazards.

Doorknob covers help keep children out of rooms and cupboards they're not allowed into. They also may work well if one parent wants just five minutes of peace in the bedroom or bathroom while Baby is being supervised elsewhere!

6. Toilet Seat Lock

Toilets can be a drowning risk for small children. In addition, it's pretty gross when they put their hands, toys and just about anything they can find in there. A toilet seat lock helps keep the lid down when it's not in use, which also helps prevent it from forcefully swinging down, too.

There are plenty of useful accessories to equip your home to protect your small child against harm. You can find various products that may suit the furniture in your home, plus they don't cost much, either. You never know, you may need them for the next baby, too!

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Elisa Schmitz
I remember being so worried about what my baby could get into, and I wish I'd had this great babyproofing guide then. Thanks for all the great tips and recommendations!
So many things I wouldn’t have thought of. Lots to worry about for babies!
Donna John
Babyproofing is definitely a big concern for parents. Especially first-time parents. Electrical covers were a MUST for me. I worried a lot about that.
So much to worry about. Glad there are so many solutions!
Gwen Johnson
Toilet locks are a must.
Such great information here, thank you.

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