Sloth Yoga: Deep Relaxation Part 1: How to Relax Like a Sloth by Nicole DeAvilla

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3 years ago

Sloth Yoga: Deep Relaxation Part 1: How to Relax Like a Sloth

My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to hang out with sloths in Panama. You can incorporate their slow, non-stressed way of living into your yoga/mediation routine. Here is how to relax like a sloth:

  1. Lie comfortably on your abdomen (preferable for sloths when not hanging from a tree or stuffed toy) or on your back (preferable for humans).
  2. Hide your face from the light or place an eye bag over your eyes, if desired.
  3. Get comfortable and, like a sloth, instantly relax.
  4. Ignore everything around you – even paparazzi, tourists, etc.

Don’t worry if you fall asleep into a deep, short power nap. Affects will be similar. Imagine yourself as a sloth, and practice relaxing deeply instantly.

Come back next week for part two of Sloth Saturday Yoga and happy relaxing all week long!

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How awesome, thank you. 🙏
Nicole DeAvilla
You are welcome! I hope you have a relaxing week. :)
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for giving us permission to behave like sloths - so beneficial and necessary sometimes! Love this, Nicole DeAvilla .
Nicole DeAvilla
So necessary during times like these!

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