A Tale of Two Toothbrushes: You Never Know What Might Be Canoodling in Your Medicine Cabinet by Terri Kendrick

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4 years ago

A Tale of Two Toothbrushes: You Never Know What Might Be Canoodling in Your Medicine Cabinet

When that nosy lady caught us standing so close together and gazing longingly into each other’s bristles, she said, “Get a room!” So we did. Unfortunately, a lot of others had found this cozy little hideaway, too: a guy named Colgate; a tall, rather round girl who called herself Proactiv (what kind of name is that, anyway?); and Scissors, a dude with a rather sharp sense of humor.

But we made ourselves at home anyway – it’s hard to find an empty space these days. One thing led to another and, pretty soon, we had knocked Proactiv over and somehow Colgate ended up underneath Blue, my new sweetie. She didn’t mind because she said he wasn’t toned like me, more the squishy, pillowy type.

I suppose Blue and I were practically pasted together, when all of a sudden, the door of our little room flew open and a hand reached in and snatched Blue from my embrace. Colgate, too! Since I don’t have hands (or arms, for that matter) I was powerless to do a dang thing about it!

I was bristly about it for a moment, until I realized that Proactiv had been prepared for this brush with danger (she'd avoided it by the skin of her teeth herself) and lay ready and waiting beside me.

Scissors made a rather cutting remark as I nestled closer to Proactiv’s curvy shape. Proactiv isn’t such a silly name after all. 

The End

The moral of this medicine cabinet love story? Keep those randy toothbrushes away from each other. Not only can they create a mess in your cabinet, but they can pass germs, especially in flu season! That's hardly worth a night of dental passion.

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Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this, Terri Jones ! You are so creative and your writing is so fun. Many thanks for the great story (with a great message)!! :-D
Terri Kendrick
Thanks, Elisa! As a marketing writer, it's so rare that I get to be creative. I have a lot of pent-up creativity (and some would say lunacy) inside me!
Donna John
Absolutely love this!! I am so weird about toothbrushes touching. I make sure that my brush never touches my husband's. It grosses me out! I also use this tip from Margaret Steck every week since reading it a couple years ago: Use antibacterial mouthwash to soak your toothbrush with once a week. health: Healthy Toothbrush Tips: 5 Simple Steps to a Germ-free Toothbrush
Terri Kendrick
To all you dental professionals 505 Dental Associates , Ella Dekhtyar and Dr. Alexander Khabensky who liked this story, feel free to use it on your websites or newsletters for some comic relief! If you do, just give me a credit: Terri L. Jones. Thanks for reading!
Nicole D Pierce [inactive]
I suppose Blue and I were practically

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