10 Creative Ways to Use Baking Soda & Save Money (It's Only $1 a Box!) by Keith Sereduck

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5 years ago

10 Creative Ways to Use Baking Soda & Save Money (It's Only $1 a Box!)

I heard a lot of tall tales growing up; we all do. My mother always told us that her mother never used toothpaste. Nope. Just baking soda and never had a cavity. In the days before Arm and Hammer toothpaste, I created my own concoction to either prove the legend true or rack up some major dental bills. I would sprinkle baking soda on my toothpaste. You know what? Not only did it work, but it whitened them as well, which is a good place to start off this list of things to do with baking soda:

  • Toothpaste: Just sprinkle on and brush away!
  • Breath freshener: Another benefit either from brushing or mixing a teaspoon full with water and swishing!
  • Canker sore remedy: Sure, you can buy Orajel or another product that will numb your sore, but baking soda removes the acid from it and dries it out faster. Yes, it will hurt for a minute, but as a lifetime sufferer, it really works and all it takes is a fingertip worth!
  • Antacid: Same mixture as the mouthwash but mix and drink. You'll feel instant relief!
  • Remove acid from sauce: Why wait to get indigestion? If you're cooking sauce, just sprinkle some in. The acid will bubble to the top and you simply scoop it off.
  • Garbage can and litter box deodorizer: For either use, just sprinkle in the bottom of the bag. The baking soda removes the odor!
  • Air and refrigerator deodorizer: Place on open container in a room or your fridge and it will remove any odor.
  • Bee stings and bug bites: Mix water and baking soda together to create a paste. Apply paste to sting or bite. As it dries it will bring the venom to the surface and stop the itching. When dry, it will crumble or dust right off.
  • Toilet cleaner: Put a cup into a dirty or smelly bowl and leave for a couple hours. It will make it easier to clean and remove any odors.
  • Hair product remover: Ever have too much hair spray or gel in your hair? Pour your usual amount of shampoo into your hand and add a pinch of baking soda. It will take any product out without damaging your hair.

There are many more uses, as well. And all of them will only cost you a buck!

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Donna John
Great tips here! About once a month I mix baking soda into my shampoo to clarify and remove residue. I also mix it with coconut oil for a face exfoliant, or sometimes just put a little in my hand and make a paste with water to exfoliate. So many uses for baking soda! Keith Sereduck
Elisa Schmitz
Seriously? Wow, I had no idea about many of these uses, Keith Sereduck ! Cool.
Keith Sereduck
It's crazy. Luckily, they haven't caught on and started charging 20 bucks a box lol.
You know the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The dad always sprays Windex on everything because it’s a cure all...well...maybe we should be sprinkling baking soda instead! Great tip Keith!

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