The winding road of Carrie's life has brought her from her home town of Saratoga, New York to Manhattan, then across the ocean to Scotland, where she has resided since her marriage 17 years ago. Graduating with a double major in English Literature and Theatre, all she wanted to do was to make good books for kids to love. This ambition led her to the children's book industry in Manhattan for a brief period before Sept 11th changed the city and the world. That was also the event that led Carrie to meet a Scottish Highlander who would change the course of her life. A decade and a half later, now a wife, mother, and (rather recently) diagnosed as autistic, Carrie's forever passion for the written word and her new passion for advocating for the neurodivergent community have come together in a number of different ways. She has just started a new role as a Family Support Worker with Thriving Families, a charity dedicated to empowering neurodivergent families, which feels like arriving at the destination she was always heading towards. In the 5-minute intervals of free time between work, tutoring students in English, volunteering with the National Autistic Society, and waiting on her two children in various ways, Carrie likes to read and write about politics, social justice, and what it means to be autistic in an autistic-hostile world.

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