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4 years ago

​CoolSculpting® for Cellulite Treatment: Is This Fat-Freezing Beauty Procedure for You?

Ah, cellulite: that lumpy, dimpled skin often found on the hips, thighs, bellies and bottoms of teenage girls and adult women. Science hasn’t yet proven the definite causes behind cellulite or orange peel skin, nor has an effective treatment for this skin problem been discovered. Those dimples and lumps in the skin mostly affect women because of: 

  • excess fatty tissues
  • genetics
  • lower production of collagen that causes aging of the skin

Cellulite often affects the body areas that tend to store more fat, such as thighs, abdomen, under the chin (double-chin) and buttocks. Think of cellulite as a result of unevenly distributed fat. The decrease in the production of collagen and not taking care of your skin can also lead to skin thinning and lumps. Crash diets, especially, are known to lead to low metabolism, cellulite and other issues.

There are three grades that show how severe cellulite is. Cellulite grading helps to identify what you need to even out your skin texture.

  • Grade 1: Mild orange peel appearance with slight sagginess and one to four light depressions. 
  • Grade 2: More medium-depth with increased saggy appearance to skin. 
  • Grade 3: The most severe case of cellulite that comes close to a “mattress” appearance. 

CoolSculpting®, as the name indicates, uses patented cold technology to get rid of uneven fat cells. Is this treatment option worth a shot for you? Here's some food for thought.

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting®, or cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive procedure that reduces fat by freezing fat cells. This nonsurgical procedure isn’t a weight-loss tool; it’s more effective if you are closer to your normal weight. It’s considered to be a body-contouring method to add a finishing touch to your weight-loss journey.

Using cold technology to break down fat cells to even them out is a great way to get rid of cellulite. Experts have found that cool sculpting cellulite is one of the easiest, cost-effective and efficient procedures that focus on specific areas. Fitness experts agree that dieting and exercises will not help you in losing weight from a specific area in your body; dieting leads to overall weight loss. That’s why people tend to use CoolSculpting® for stubborn areas that refuse to respond to normal weight-loss methods.

Will CoolSculpting® Work for You?

To determine whether CoolSculpting® will work for you or not, you need to take into account some key factors. For example, you need to consider the severity of the cellulite, the areas you want to target, how many sessions you need and how will you take care of your body after the procedure. If you are worried about how long the results last, you can rest assured that destroyed fat cells will not reform. However, if you follow the procedure with a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, then weight gain and cellulite are likely inevitable.

Risks and Side Effects

Cryolipolysis is approved by the FDA. It is a non-invasive procedure and that’s why CoolSculpting® is considered to be safe. The numbness felt due to the cooling sensations can inflict pain in roughly 10 percent of patients. The side effects vary from one treated area to the other. The common side effects that may occur are:

  • aches
  • bruising due to nerve damage
  • itchiness
  • swelling
  • tenderness

CoolSculpting® for the neck might cause swelling of the throat, redness and tingling. These side effects are only temporary and may last for days or a few weeks. It’s recommended to call your doctor immediately if you notice any severe pain or strange side effects.

Seeing Drastic Results

While you might notice an instant change after the procedure, the true dramatic results don’t appear until a few months after the treatment. It may take two to six months to see actual results from CoolSculpting®. It’s recommended to follow these tips for CoolSculpting® aftercare:

  • Some people feel better when they wear Spanx® or other tight compressive clothing.
  • Some prefer to wear comfortable clothes such as yoga pants.
  • Walk for at least 30 minutes or work out, if you can, to reduce the pain and inflammation. This also aids in better results and keeping the results for a longer time.
  • Take pain medication if you are in pain. If the pain is severe, some doctors might use prescription pain medication as a last resort.

Having realistic expectations can help reduce the sense of disappointment if you don't get the results you had hoped for. Remember that losing weight and getting rid of cellulite is a long and difficult process. CoolSculpting® is not a magic wand that will solve your issues immediately. You shouldn’t expect a treatment, such as using laser, cryolipolysis or liposuction, to be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

The use of CoolSculpting® or other non-invasive procedures usually works only for stubborn areas that tend to accumulate more fat. It is key to follow a healthy diet and workout routine afterward to get the results you want and to keep them. If you are happy with a 20 percent fat reduction, then one treatment may be enough. If you need more, ask a specialist to explain how many sessions you may need to get desired results. The average body part takes an hour per session to get treated. 

The Bottom Line

Cellulite affects 90 percent of women and only 10 percent of males. These days, it’s almost viewed as natural. While people who don’t have a normal BMI are more in danger of being affected by cellulite, it can still affect skinny people and those of average weight. CoolSculpting® has been deemed to be safe. If you are not sure whether this treatment option is for you, talk to a specialist or your health-care provider before making a decision.  

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Julie Rose
I do have it and this is really helpful to know!
Elisa Schmitz
I had heard about CoolSculpting but didn't know anything about it. It sounds like a safe and potentially effective treatment for cellulite without surgery, wow! Thanks for the helpful info!
Amazing! 🙌🙌
I didn’t think anything would make it go away. This is good info...
I always had some circulation problems that foster the appearance of cellulite on my legs, especially during the summer. Exercise alone wasn't always enough. I tried Dermalmd cellulite serum and I am really happy with the results! You have to use it constantly for a couple of weeks (at least this is what happened in my case) but you can definitely see improvements. Moreover, I love the fresh sensation that leaves after the application.
fatima Echchatir
helpful article thank you i have this problem i will try your advices

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