Allison Raeh truly believes in and lives a holistic model of health and wellness. After being diagnosed with a progressive chronic disease in 2002, Allison began her own journey along the path of whole life health trying on a variety of exercises, diets, and supplements in an effort to feel good consistently. To better focus on the physical aspects of health through fitness and nutrition in 2006 Allison left corporate America for the fitness industry. Allison jumped in eagerly learning all she could; attaining gold standard personal training and health coaching certifications from the American Council on Exercise.

Fitness and nutrition are essential components of whole health that cannot be ignored, but do not provide a complete solution to live well. It's not just all diet and exercise. Humans need to be emotionally well, have a support system that suits their personality and lifestyle, and feed their brains.

The path to optimal living is one that has been a whole lot of fun; well, Allison's definition of fun anyway! You'll often find her during her "me" time with her nose in a health & wellness book, or signed up for a lecture, class, or workshop to learn as much as possible about wellness theory and best practice. Along her personal journey, Allison has come to realize there is no one size fits all model for living well. With a personalized approach, and maybe a little guidance, anyone can find their own path to be well.

Allison works full time as a Wellness Director, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher.

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