Born in Los Angeles and having lived nearly all of my life in northern California, as a former art major who got a BA in Managerial Accounting and ran my own business for 33 years, I have always craved creative outlets. I sang with various groups and wrote songs and poetry, painted water colors, and have had essays and a song published.

I had polio in 1951 at age 3, was hospitalized for six months, and lived most of my life as a handicapped person trying to be a “normie.” I reside in Marin County with my husband, Richard Falk. I now work part-time, and spend a good deal of time managing our home and garden, and a significant amount managing the effects of post-polio.

And I write. I have travelled the world despite my gimpy partially-paralyzed leg and severe limp. I facilitate a polio survivors’ group in Marin County, and also a Meetup writing group, Just Write Marin County. I appeared in the Nobel Prize/PBS documentary, “The War Against Microbes,” as the only representative of a disease now eradicated by a vaccine. I love mystery and historical novels or captivating biography or memoir, and movies, pool exercise, the outdoors, hanging out with good friends, lots of British tea and a little champagne now and then.

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